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Cocokids Angel's Wing baby wipes

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Cocokids Angel's Wing baby wipes

│ Description │

Cocokids ‘Angel's Wing’ the baby wet tissue is premium products that made of natural rayon. And we use purified water through 6 steps purification system. Silver deposition which is used in food packaging prevent deterioration by UV rays. And 2-ply embossed is boasted a thicker thickness.

│ Features │

Angel's wing contain variety nutrients like vitamin E and natural phyto oligo. These kept a baby’s skin be soft, comfortable and clean.

• Silver deposition packaging
We use silver deposition packaging which used for food usually. It makes to prevent the product's deterioration caused by UV rays and bacteria, so you can use the ‘Angel’s wing’ hygienically continue.

• The thickness and size
We cut the 2-ply embossed natural rayon fabric a large size like 200mm*200mm to 200mm*160*, you can use the product effectively.

• Patented design
Patented Angel's wing cap is friendly and cute . It increases usability and is good for use in indoor props


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Cocokids Angel_s Wing baby wipes

Cocokids Angel_s Wing baby wipes

Cocokids Angel_s Wing baby wipes