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Cocokids Portable pee pot

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Cocokids Portable pee pot

│ Description │

This is the first patented portable pee pot for kids.

When traveling long distances or stuck in crowded public places, children no longer have to go through the pain of wanting to pee. This portable pee pot has leak-proof function and is made of deodorizing materials.
This compact and lightweight portable pee pot is the essential products when you travel with your children and also, for potty training.

│ Features │

• The only patented product
Portable pee pot is invented by Cocokids. This is only patented products and patented first in Korea. This just isn’t the same as other OEM cheap products. We guarantee you the outstanding quality.

• Leak Protection
Cocokids portable pee pot is designed while raising three children. This is made of deodorizing materials and has function of leak protection. It makes no problems in the mom's bag!

• Portability & Potty TrainingPortable pee pot's size is very compact and its design is friendly. It can be used effectively on children's potty training.


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Cocokids Portable pee pot

Cocokids Portable pee pot

Cocokids Portable pee pot